Commissioning furniture redesign

Weckner design can be commissioned to develop you unique pieces of furniture for you. Have you dreamt about the furniture for your café for years, but now when you have it you can't find the perfect piece? Or your granny's old chair in the attic needs a shape-up to fit in your living room? Or have you simply seen something you like but would want it in a different colour or dressed in a different fabric?

The process

For commissioning please contact Weckner Design at with your commissioning request. Include as much details as you have regarding the piece you want commissioned. If you have a piece of furniture which you want redesigned, please also send pictures of it. It is also helpful if you include pictures of the room where you plan to have the finished piece. Please also include your contact details and suitable time for me to call you. When the design is chosen and all details are agreed a 25% deposit is required. The outstanding 75% of the agreed price will be required on delivery.

For commissioning requests or questions please email